Clan Gunn


Might: 2
nfluence: 0
Treasury: 2
Sovereignty: 1
Territory: 2

Foundries, Smiths and Armorers : +2D When rolling Sov + Treas

Epic History


We maintain an almost standing army. Archers are treated almost better than our princes (me). Other groups find the use of bows insulting, but based on one lyric of my tribe’s edda, we adopted it.

With our tribe changing so much and so rapidly, and with my personal subplots (Marked Ones) my father, the Jarl, is having a bitch of a time keeping order. Without the support of my purchased Followers (who represent my bodyguard and wildcard people who follow me) we could be usurped by another band.
Everything is changing so fast. Part of the reason my character is advocating for a return to Elective Rule. People have been shaken and have lost confidence in our rule.

Pretty obvious, I am trying to tame some area for ag. My character isn’t finished, but part of his plan is to make via manpower, an new harbour and bring back elective rule, bring back thrall culture, and open a port where his tribe can launch raids (historically, this happened, some groups revitalized raiding, not for wealth, but to get thralls to work fields and herd).

Foundries, Smiths and Armorers
I chose this to represent I have good access to Ironwood and sheep. Based on what Ken has judged, I think Ironwood and Ironwool make an amazing bow. I’ll not have great access to iron, but have found a good use of resources.
As a suggestion, Eric should have good access to the iron, and smiths, but have poor access to wood. We need each others tribe for even simple things, let alone maintaining , longships.

Epic History
I gained that via random role, but used the idea in point buy. One of the entire clan’s story involves passage where my ancestor solved a conflict by chewing a seed and spitting at his enemy. David and Goliath, I guess.
He won and helped secure the Island we are on. This is (sorry, that came to me and it’s funny to me, like I’ve been laughing at it for a week) why we think archery is fine and also binds us as a culture.

Clan Gunn

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