Arvid Gunnarson

Arvid Gunnarson, Cliff-Thane, Sea-Tamer.


Body 4
Sense 2
Charm 1
Coordination 3
Command 4
Knowledge 4

Athletics 1
Fight 2
Dodge 2
Student of Law 2
Tactics 3
Inspire 3, +1 ED
Weapon, Bow 3, +I ED
Eerie 2
Jest 1, +1 MD (yes, very intentional)

Wealth 5
Beauty (1) Average but marked. NOT A BIRTHMARK, IT’S A SUPRNATURAL FEATURE. Arid has a hair color, and so do other Marked, unusual. Green, Purple, etc.
Followers 3 (between 30 -60)
Patron 1 ( Lawspeaker favours me, but it’s political support)
Status 3 (I am a son of the Jarl, and the back story explains that people are flocking to marked leaders).
Possession 7. Stocked warship can carry at least a 30 section ship, with men, with crew and thralls, and mostly includes everything needed to for normal use. It is the pinnacle of naval tech and frees us from the Overclan. I can set raids now and not hope our Clan get selected.

Martrtial Path
Goddess of the Grave. If I take time to aim with my bow, +2 instead of +1. If I can aim for two rounds, +4 (that is from the full game).

Duty, Mission, Craving

Duty, Act in the interests of expanding Clan Gunn’s influence, regardless of my stake.
Mission, Restore elective rule and turn slave culture back to thrall culture. (Currently, a slave is a slave and their children are slaves, vs thrall were all children are born free)

Craving. I have personally scouted a site that can serve as a warship harbor.
This would give my Clan a huge advantage. I have to keep it quiet until I am ready. And it will take a lot of work, work that freemen and thralls would not want to do; they only quick way is from slaves and any other way will broadcast a power play.

(Admit it, I am awesome at creating gm usable conflixt)

Hated enemy reversed.

Lots, you decide. Brothers, my ugly sister, merchants, young people willing to settle, minor bands trying to capitalize on our changing culture, fucking bears.

I am am viking Stannis, hence the Jest at one and buying a MD. Whoever hates me sees me as completely cold hearted and unfunny. I’m basing my character off of two performances. Stanis in the show, and Ken’s Hamlet. I upgraded and bought the Master Dice specifically because they both are assholes, but joke, and insult in a way you only realized it a day later.

Have a bastard from a slave.
Our tribe has slaves, so my heir is a slave, at least the one I think is fit. If thrall culture was restored, I could raise him to freeman, though never heir unless he earns it.. I like the idea he is a dick, and he tries to convince other slaves that slavery and thralldom are wrong. (Do you remember the Sier in The Deed of Paks, who shows up to find his own son trying to lead a revolution?)
So I’m trying to improve his lot in a traditional way and accept a acceptable way but he is either selfish or 800 years early.

I converted 10 to buy another asset or point for my Tribe.


Arvid Gunnarson

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