Band Gunn


The history of Band Gunn is tied to our great ancestor, Ari, he in the Eddas once fought a frost giant by spitting a prune core at him. The spit seed killed the monster.
We differ in that we see bows as a very honorable thing.
We are BAND in a generation flux.
BAND Gunn helped to settle Viking Island, in our literature we took it from others. We have lost relevance.
We participate in raids, some like me have their own ships, but we no longer seek trasure, just thralls.

Important People

Hosvir Gunnslogs- Lawspeaker
Very important. He encourages me he is my rock. He is the only Clan member elected. He represent Viking Supreme Couf4
Hosvir is part of my Followers. I like getting throw in, but he has groomed and sided with me.

Svadi Gunnerson – Jarl

  1. Eldest Son – Haken. He should be on the edge. He is pissed about the mark, it nullifies his birthright, yet, he hasn’t done anything. He wants to expand us, but protect his birtHRIGHT.
  2. Second Son – Kori
  3. Third Son – Avrid
  4. Fourth Son – Helgrim
  5. Fifth Son – Brattr
  6. Sixth Son – Vilmund
  7. Daughter – Danya. I’ve promised she will Mary a prince. In ever deal made, I try. I’ll be even more passed that Hosvif left that out. I have pledged to protect her, and never brought up her looks.

Hrani Gunnter- Head of Helgrimson Band
I like jumping in to it, but he is just echoing my desire of Elective rule.

  1. Eldest Daughter – Marte Gunnerson – married to Brattr. No1curr. I was off so Bratt took the marriage.
  2. Second Daughter -Asgrid Helgrimson. There was a deal once, we were going to be married.

Band Gunn History

Band Gunn

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