Band Gunn History

Previous Jarl

Father youngest uncle, Oddr called “Knuttr” because after a serious injury during a raid, he mostly sat around eating.

The serious injury was caused when Knuttr was attacked by his own thrall, Geirsteinn. A man he deeply trusted. Knuttr was stabbed in the back and left for dead but your father found him and was able to save him. A blow to his pride Knuttr never forgave.

The Jarl before my uncle was pretty much the stuff of legends. Huge, fought with a hammer. Loudest voice on the island and loved by all. He fell I’ll suddenly and died. Knuttr ascended and was loved until he was injured.
After he healed he instituted the changes I’m campaigning to reform, mostly.
Before, a thrall freed was an equal. A freed slave now is second class. A thrall’s children were born as freemen. A slaves children are slaves.
He is also the one who tried to reduce raiding to an afterthought and developed our main actual settlements; he encouraged sedintary life by giving land to farmers, squirting stock and slaves on the few raids he sponsered.
*aquiring not squirting.
Knuttr has two meanings. Fat and stone. Both apply. I take more after him than anyone else in my family as I am also well know to make a decision and stick with it no matter what, as did my great uncle, Knuttr.

The Jarl before your Uncle was named Olmodr, and he was the last Jarl that ruled both Gunn and Sanner. Throughout the history of the island there are times where a marriage is made, or a conquering happens, and both bands are ruled by the same Jarl. For the most part those times dont’ last long as the Gunns and Sanners always find a reason to break back apart.
In this case Olmodr had twin children, Knuttr and Boka. Boka was techincally born first and the Sunnar argued that her bloodline should take on the hereditary rule. Gunns argued for Knuttr. Splitting the bands was the only way to stave off bloodshed.
*Boka is female

SO we have the timeline correct: Ragnar ruled both bands and had twins, Boka & Oldmir. Oldmir was Huge, fought with a hammer, loudest voice. When Ragnar died the Sannar thought Boka should rule and the Gunnar thought it should be Oldmir, so they split again. Oldmir begat Knuttr and your father, who ruled after him.

Band Gunn History

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